6 Ways to Naturally Control Anxiety

If you often tremble or suffer from nausea, restlessness and irritability with no apparent reason then you may be suffering from some of the symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety has become more pronounced as more and more people are showing signs of panic attacks. Some people may also experience chest pains and shortness of breath that can be compounded with episodes of dizziness. This is why it is important to intervene at the slighted indication that a person is suffering from anxiety. If continued to be unabated, the situation could become worse which can lead to other complex chronic diseases than can be fatal. The good news is that anxiety can be controlled naturally. There are natural ways that people can topple anxiety and live for the better.


Diet plays a significant part in keeping anxiety under wraps. It is best to eat foods that are able to help you control anxiety. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to protect the body from inflammation and elevate the mood. This enables people to fight stress and even shy away from substance abuse and habits. Oily fish are the best sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. You can also drink some teas such as Chamomile tea that has demonstrated to be helpful in bringing down anxiety.


Sleep has profound effects on the body that could significantly reduce anxiety. If you are tired there are chances that you can get more anxious. There are a lot of significant benefits of sleeping at least seven hours a day. It can help you fight off stress and if you are able to sleep you can be sharper and calmer. It is also helpful to the immune system and a better sleep can also lower your blood pressure which may lead you to a better mood once you wake up in the morning.


The body is one machine that is designed to move. When we are not moving as much as we need to, it gives a lot of problems and anxiety is one of them. Exercise is used to improve overall health and one of the best ways to control anxiety. Regular exercise can help us manage stressful situations that often lead to anxious moments. Reducing stress can give people more confidence to take on the challenges posed by everyday life. This is aside from the fact that regular exercise allows the body to produce feel-good chemicals that could lead to better mood and help the body to become calmer.


Getting acquainted with relaxation techniques can help anxious people become more productive and manage stress better. Techniques that is as simple as deep breathing can significantly help the body cope with stress and anxiety. Relaxation allows the mind to be in a relaxed state, which is great in lowering the blood pressure and allow better blood circulation to the organs and muscles in the body. It would help if you can consult a professional on how to employ relaxation techniques so you can lower stress levels effectively.


Meditation is one of the great ways to lower anxiety by releasing it. One can naturally control anxiety through visualizations by picturing anxiety as it leaves your body and lifting your spirits in the process. You can easily download relaxation instructions for your mobile device or buy CDs or DVDs that you can use as a guide for better anxiety control.


Write down the things that make you anxious and figure out ways on how you can get rid of those sources of anxiety. Here is a thing that you need to know about anxiety—there is no off switch. While you cannot completely stop anxiety from happening you can allow it to leave your mind through the pages of your journal. You can lead your mind in keeping the things that make you anxious and leave it within the bounds of your notebook.

There are about 40 million Americans that are suffering from anxiety. There are more that will be suffering from anxiety if nothing would be done today. Anti-anxiety medications are available but should be only used as a last resort. Control it through natural ways first if you can.